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Boost Your Local SEO: Build Citations with BrightLocal

Are you seeking ways to improve your local search visibility and boost your rankings in 2023? An end has just come to your search, look no further than Brightlocal, a powerful local SEO platform that can help you optimize your business listings and build citations.

Join me as I explore the features, benefits & other capabilities of Brightlocal, and how it can take your local search game to the next level.

What is Brightlocal? 

Brightlocal is an all-in-one local SEO platform designed to simplify the citation-building process and improve your local search rankings.

Brightlocal boasts a comprehensive suite of tools that helps agencies, local businesses, and marketers to dominate local rankings.

With this platform, you can perform local SEO audits, track local rankings, manage citations, and many more.

What are Brightlocal citations? 

It is necessary for you to understand the meaning and significance of citations in the local SEO world before I dig into further details on Brightlocal.

Citations are mentions of your business name, address, and phone number on several online platforms, such as business directories, review websites, social media platforms, and even local news articles.

In essence, these citations help search engines like Google in verifying the legitimacy and relevance of your business in a particular location. Citations serve as digital breadcrumbs that direct search engines to your business.

Citations are a critical ranking factor for local SEO. The more reliable and consistent citations you have online, the higher your business is likely to rank in local search results. This improved visibility can result in increased internet traffic, foot traffic to your physical location, and eventually more consumers.

Features of Brightlocal SEO 

Here are some of Brightlocal’s features that can help your business shine in local search results:

1. Effortless Citation Building:

Managing citations can be very time-consuming and tedious especially when you have multiple business locations. This is where Brightlocal comes to save the day. With its citation builder feature, you can easily create, update, and manage citations for all your business listings in one place.

Brightlocal makes the process of citation building more efficient by giving you access to a tremendous network of reliable and relevant business directories. This means that you can quickly and easily submit your business details to a large number of directories, saving you a lot of time and work. This not only saves you time but also ensures that your business information is consistent and accurate across the web.

2. Audit and Monitoring:

Brightlocal also boasts a citation tracker, which allows you to monitor your existing citations and see how they impact your local search rankings. You can track your citation progress over time and make data-driven decisions to optimize your local SEO strategy.

The platform can also find incorrect or inconsistent NAP information online and give you instructions on how to fix these inconsistencies. This feature is very crucial as inconsistent citations can negatively affect your local SEO efforts.

3. Competitor Analysis:

Brightlocal’s Competitor Analysis feature helps you stay one step ahead of your competition by analyzing their citations. Figure out where they have citations and target those platforms to gain a competitive edge.

4. Local SEO Reporting:

Brightlocal offers comprehensive reporting tools that let you see how well your local search is performing. Monitor reviews, track keyword rankings, and assess your overall local SEO growth with ease.

5. Reputation Management:

In order to succeed with local SEO, managing your online reputation is essential. Brightlocal helps you gather and manage customer reviews from multiple platforms, allowing you to showcase your excellent reputation to prospective customers.

Benefits of Brightlocal 

Although there are several local SEO tools available online, BrightLocal stands out because of the benefits it brings:

1. User-Friendly Interface:

The platform’s interface is very simple to navigate and user-friendly, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes, regardless of their SEO expertise.

2. Data Accuracy & Data-driven Decision Making:

Brightlocal places a strong emphasis on data accuracy, making sure that the online presence of your business remains consistent and up to date.

The platform offers thorough reporting and analytics, enabling you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your local SEO strategy. You can keep track of your rankings in local search results, keep tabs on your competitors’ performance, and pinpoint areas that need work.

3. Time and Cost Savings:

Manual citation management can be very expensive and time-consuming. You can save time and effort by creating and managing citations in one place using Brightlocal’s citation-building feature. This frees up your time in order to concentrate on other important facets of your business.

4. Comprehensive Features:

BrightLocal offers a broad range of features & SEO tools that go beyond citation building, such as rank tracking, and on-site auditing, making it a one-stop-shop for your local SEO needs. Using these tools, you can optimize each aspect of your local search strategy.

5. Improved Local Search Visibility:

Your local search visibility can increase, and you can also rank higher in local search results, by building citations and optimizing your business listings. This can increase organic internet traffic and draw new customers to your business.

6. Expert Support:

Brightlocal’s customer support team is always there to provide assistance if you ever need it. They are knowledgeable and receptive, so you can be sure you’ll get the support you need for your local SEO strategy to be successful.

Brightlocal Pricing 

BrightLocal offers diverse pricing plans that are tailored to meet the different individual needs of businesses. Below is a brief overview of the platform’s pricing structure:

1. Single Business Plans: These plans are designed for individual businesses looking to manage their local SEO and online reputation. There are options for both monthly and annual billing; $35/mo (billed monthly) & $29.17/mo (billed annually) 

2. Multi-Business Plans: These plans are tailored for marketing agencies, SEO professionals, and digital marketers who need to manage multiple clients’ online presence. There are options for both monthly and annual billing; $60/mo (billed monthly) & $50/mo (billed annually)

3. SEO Pro Plans: BrightLocal also offers this pricing plan for businesses with unique or high-volume needs. SEO Pro plans can include a combination of features and support options to meet specific requirements. There are options for both monthly and annual billing; $90/mo (billed monthly) & $75/mo (billed annually)

A 14-day free trial is also available; there is no need for your credit card, allowing you to explore their tools before committing to a paid plan.

FAQs on This SEO Platform

How can Brightlocal help with local SEO?

Brightlocal provides various tools and features that can help businesses optimize their local SEO efforts. It offers features such as local search grid, citation builder to improve local citations, rank tracker to monitor local search rankings, and review management to manage and respond to customer reviews.

Who owns Brightlocal?

Brightlocal – Search Engine Optimization Platform, was founded by Myles Anderson in the year 2010.

What sectors and market segments does BrightLocal operate in?

Brightlocal operates in the B2B, SaaS space.

What is the significance of local SEO?

Local SEO is important for businesses that serve a specific geographic area. It helps businesses appear in local search results and attract customers in their target location. By optimizing their online presence for local search, businesses can increase their visibility, attract more customers, and grow their local market share.

Can Brightlocal help with managing online reviews?

Yes, brightlocal has a review management feature that allows businesses to monitor and respond to customer reviews across multiple platforms. It helps businesses stay on top of their online reputation and build trust with potential customers.

Does brightlocal offer integration with other tools and platforms?

Yes, Brightlocal offers integration with various tools and platforms, including Google My Business, SEMrush, and more. These integrations allow businesses to streamline their local SEO efforts and leverage additional features and data.

Can I use brightlocal for my digital marketing campaigns?

Yes, brightlocal can be used as part of your digital marketing campaigns. Its features and tools can help optimize your online presence, improve your local search rankings, and enhance your overall digital marketing efforts.

How can brightlocal help with local citations?

Brightlocal offers a citation builder feature that helps businesses create and manage local citations. Local citations are online references to a business’s name, address, and phone number (NAP) and are important for improving local search visibility.

How can I get started with Brightlocal?

To get started with Brightlocal, you can sign up for an account on their website. They offer different pricing plans based on your needs and they also provide a free trial period for you to try out their tools and services.

What is the Competitive landscape of Brightlocal

Brightlocal has 490 active competitors and it ranks 34th among them. 27 of its competitors are funded while 29 have exited.

Overall, BrightLocal and its competitors have raised over $494M in funding across 78 funding rounds involving 109 investors. There are no private Unicorns in the entire competition set.


Brightlocal is a powerful local SEO tool that can help you improve your local search visibility, build citations, and boost your rankings in 2023. Brightlocal’s all-in-one local SEO platform has everything you need to take the lead in local search. Sign up for a free trial today and see the difference Brightlocal can make for your business!