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Hemingway Editor Review: Ideal Tool to Improve Your Writing

Hemingway is a web-based editing tool named after renowned author Ernest Hemingway. This tool helps you to make your writing more concise and pitch-perfect. I’m sure you want to know if Hemingway editor is the ideal editing assistant for you.

In this review, I’ll break down the features, benefits, and many other things that Hemingway entails so you can decide if this tool is the perfect fit for you and your writing.

What is the Hemingway Editor? 

Hemingway Editor is powerful writing software designed to highlight & correct errors and poor sentence structure so as to help you identify areas of improvement in your writing.

The Hemingway editor is a desktop app that aims to correct errors like passive voice, overuse of adverbs, and complex sentences. This innovative editing tool is essential in every writer’s toolbox.

Hemingway App Review: What Is the Hemingway App?

Hemingway App refers to the paid desktop edition of Hemingway unlike Hemingway Editor on the other hand, which refers to the free online editing tool.

At the time of this review, the Hemingway App can be used on both Windows and Mac for a one-time payment of $19.99. It comes with a few benefits that the online version lacks, such as:

  • You can use the Hemingway app offline without any access to the internet

  • Your work is saved in the app

  • Your work can be exported in several file types, including PDF, HTML, and Word

  • You can directly publish your writing on blogs like Medium or WordPress.

The Hemingway App gives you the same amount of analysis as the free version. Just like the online editor, the Hemingway App also highlights your writing in 5 different colors and rates the reading quality of your writing.

Features of Hemingway Editor

1. Readability Analysis and Grading:

The Hemingway Editor evaluates how readable your piece of writing is by highlighting overcomplicated sentences. It uses colors to denote how readable a sentence is, thereby making it easy to identify areas that need to be improved on. It highlights lengthy sentences in yellow, adverbs in blue, passive voice in green, and complex phrases in purple.

The Hemingway Editor’s Readability Grading also provides a way to assess the clarity of your writing. You can now tell how difficult your writing is to understand and the level of education required to understand it. The higher your readability score, the lesser the audience your writing will appeal to.

2. Adverb and Passive Voice Detection:

Hemingway Editor helps you eliminate weak adverbs and passive voice by highlighting adverbs in blue and passive voice in green, and also suggesting you use forceful verbs and more active voice.

3. Word Count:

With the several distractions present online nowadays, If your writing happens to be too long, it will end up taking longer for the audience to read and they could get distracted by other things.

So, it is advisable to write brief & highly engaging content and Hemingway Editor’s Word Count tool can be really helpful when trying to meet specific conditions, like word limits for social media or article submissions.

4. Style Improvement:

This is another one of Hemingway’s impressive features. This editing tool is able to recognise grammatical errors and recommend instant corrections. It flags writing errors like unnecessary adverbs, adjectives overuse, and wrong punctuation and also provides recommendations for you to improve.

Hemingway’s five-color technique points out flaws in your writing and gives you useful suggestions to help you improve the clarity & style of your writing.

5. Desktop App and Free Online Versions:

Hemingway is available as both a desktop app and a free online edition. The desktop version (Hemingway App) offers a smooth writing experience with its offline and easy-to-access features.

On the other hand, the free online version (Hemingway Editor) allows you to make quick modifications without the need for installation of the app.

6. Writing Mode:

Just as this tool has an edit mode, it also has a writing mode, which works as a word-processing platform. This writing mode is distraction-free and it helps you to concentrate more on your work especially if you are the type to get easily distracted.

However, the free online version lacks the ability to save or export documents. You can only do that with the paid desktop edition.

Hemingway Pricing 

Hemingway Editor requires no fee to operate which means that it is a completely free tool. It is advisable that you try the free Hemingway Editor before you make payment for the Hemingway App so you can be sure that its features are exactly what you and your writing need.

The desktop version (the Hemingway App) can be accessed after a one-time payment of $19.99. The price is the same for both the Windows and Mac versions.

Pros and Cons of Hemingway


  1. Ease of use & high-quality proofreading

  2. The Hemingway Editor is ideal for editing short pieces of writing

  3. Helps to boost the clarity of your writing

  4. Improves readability by making your content more engaging & accessible

  5. SEO-Friendly Writing

  6. Saves valuable time and resources

  7. Easy-to-use interface

  8. Online and desktop editions

  9. Innovative color coding and suggestions

  10. There is no need for installation or login to access the online version


  1. Hemingway Editor isn’t ideal for manuscript writing or longer pieces

  2. The tool’s grammar capabilities aren’t as robust as that of Grammarly Premium or ProWritingAid

  3. No “SAVE” feature in Hemingway Editor

  4. It might not be totally compatible with your style

  5. The tool doesn’t provide spelling or in-depth grammar checks

  6. Absence of plugin to check text in browser

Alternatives to Hemingway Editor 

Maybe you think that this software might not be what you need since it is too focused on content editing. Below are a few other alternatives that apply an extensive approach to editing.

  1. Grammarly

  2. ProWritingAid

Why Should You Use Hemingway Editor Instead of Grammarly? 

For you to be able to deeply understand what Hemingway Editor is all about, I’ll compare it with another well-known writing tool known as Grammarly. These tools are majorly used by writers since they both aim to improve writing skills. Continue reading as I dive into the differences between Hemingway Editor and Grammarly.

1. Based on Writing Style:

Hemingway Editor focuses on making your writing clear & straightforward by highlighting complex sentences and recommending alternatives.

On the other hand, Grammarly is an all-inclusive writing assistant that focuses on checking for grammar and spelling errors but also makes recommendations for vocabulary, tone, and style improvements. It caters to a wider range of writing requirements.

2. Based on User Interface:

Hemingway Editor is highly recognized for its easy-to-use interface that makes writing and editing smoother than ever before. It also exposes faults in the text itself, therefore making it simple to find and fix.

Grammarly also boasts a user-friendly interface with instant writing suggestions. This tool easily integrates with several other platforms like web browsers, word processors, and even mobile devices.

3. Based on Pricing:

The Hemingway Editor offers both a free online version and a paid desktop app. The paid desktop app includes additional jaw-dropping features like offline editing and document exporting.

Grammarly also has a free version with basic grammar and spelling-checking capabilities. However, its premium version comes with advanced features such as style and tone recommendations, plagiarism detection, and incorporation with Google Docs.

4. Based on Target Audience:

Hemingway Editor proves very helpful for writers looking for ways to improve their readability while Grammarly is an all-in-one writing assistant used by a larger audience, including students & professionals.

FAQs on This Hemingway Writing Tool

Is the Hemingway Editor free?

There is a free edition of Hemingway Editor available online. However, there is also a paid version with extra enticing features.

Is Hemingway Editor as good as Grammarly?

Hemingway Editor and Grammarly are two different writing tools with their own strengths. Grammarly focuses more on grammar and spelling, while Hemingway Editor focuses on improving the readability and clarity of your writing. Your choice depends on your specific requirements and preferences.

What are the pros and cons of Hemingway Editor?

The pros of Hemingway Editor include its ability to highlight hard-to-read sentences, offer recommendations to improve your writing, and analyze the readability grade level of your work. However, some cons are that Hemingway Editor might be that it overuses red highlights for passive voice and green highlights for complex sentences, and it lacks a grammar checker like Grammarly.

Is Hemingway Editor worth it?

It can only be worth it if your writing style is based on simplicity and clarity. This can help you identify areas of weak writing, improve on them, and guide you towards a more simple and direct writing style.

Why does Hemingway Editor write so simply?

The Hemingway Editor is inspired by the writing style of famous author Ernest Hemingway, reputed for his bold and clear prose. The tool helps you achieve a similar style of writing by highlighting complex sentences, excessive adverbs, and other writing factors that might hinder readability.

How can I use the Hemingway Editor?

Using Hemingway Editor is very straightforward, you just have to visit Hemingway’s official website and paste your writing directly into the editor, or you can simply download the desktop app for offline use. After pasting your text, the app will analyze it and provide instant recommendations.

Can Hemingway Editor help with academic writing?

This editing tool proves to be very helpful for academic writing. It can help you enhance the clarity of your school work, thereby making sure that your ideas are effectively communicated to your audience.

In Conclusion

With the constant need for effective online communication, the Hemingway Editor has proven its worth as an efficient tool for detecting common errors and improving your writing. Try it now to experience the power embedded in this powerful writing software.