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Do you have trouble coming up with original & interesting content for your social media accounts? Do you want to post consistently but don’t want to repeat yourself, bore your audience, or waste time?

If that’s the case, then I’ll advise you to try using Rapidely, a transformative tool that is designed to generate an endless supply of social media post ideas for any subject or niche.

In this article, I’m going to explore Rapidely and show you what it is capable of and how it operates.

Description: What is 

Rapidely is an AI-powered social media posting tool that is ideal for social media managers who want to quickly create high-quality, relevant and engaging content.

Its powerful GPT-4 technology basis gives social media experts an unmatched experience in producing appealing content with ease.

The Rapidely app is designed to offer consumers a smooth user experience and is accessible on both the App Store and Google Play. Anyone who needs to maximize their social media presence will find this app’s user-friendly interface and powerful features very helpful.

Rapidely is your AI assistant for social media management. It’s designed to assist you in designing your customized strategy, creating unique content ideas, crafting captions, and scheduling posts which will help upgrade your creative process in the long run.

Who can use

Since Rapidely is an incredibly versatile tool, it can cater for a wide range of people including:

  • Social Media Managers

  • Marketing Firms

  • Influencers

  • Small Businesses

  • E-commerce Sellers

  • Entrepreneurs

With AI, they have made it exceedingly easy to create an endless supply of post ideas regardless of the niche.

Information on how to use Rapidely

To get started with Rapidely is very easy, and you can do so by following the steps below:

1. Obviously, the first step is for you to sign up to get your Rapidely account set up.

2. Once you have your account up and running, the next thing is for you to log into Rapidely & select an idea that interests you from their list.

3. Describe the subject you want to address to the AI and get an optimized social media post thereafter.

4. You can now schedule the posting from within the Rapidely platform or just copy the text out.

5. Create a fast related graphic or video with Canva and you are done! You can now schedule your next social media posting.

You can use Rapidely’s AI generated post ideas as a source of inspiration

Features of Rapidely 

1. Rapidely AI Hashtag Generator:

With a few clicks, this tool will automatically provide you with a list of excellent hashtags that are based on your post content.

You can even save specific hashtags that you want to constantly reuse in your account for your future posts.

2. Affordable Pricing:

At the time of this review, Rapidely costs $19 for a single account and full functionality, or $49 for 3 accounts, and only $9 for each additional account.

Even if you just happen to be posting content for your personal adventure, you know that consistent social media posts are important.

However, if you’re taking money from clients to post on their behalf, this is an easy decision. Your work will be completed in a matter of minutes, and you’ll also make a lot of money. It’s a fantastic and clever tool for saving time.

3. Post Content Quality:

You can use ChatGPT or Jasper to create a social media post for you and they will put together something reasonable.

However, Rapidely focuses on social media posts and is well-versed in writing. 

Just input a few words, and a lot of fantastic social media content is generated and ready to be posted. The platform has functions that rebuild, shorten, or optimize the content with a click in case you’re not happy with the initial results.

4. AI Chat Feature:

This AI chat feature is a new function they added to the platform with ChatGPT’s API. You can even make use of the AI chat feature on Rapidely if you can’t gain access to ChatGPT’s website.

5. An Endless Supply of Social Media Post Ideas:

This platform boasts a lot of really amazing social media post ideas that you can access immediately on the dashboard.

Rapidely has a quick post for everything from posts promoting something, to bagging engagement on your post or educating your audience. You can easily make each post different since you will be inputting different information for the AI to write about.

6. Fast and Efficient Access:

It allows you to have instant access to all your social media accounts in one app. There is no more need for you to switch between different apps or log in and out of accounts as you can now streamline your workflow and save valuable time.

7. Efficient Data Management:

Rapidely offers quick access to your accounts and it also makes sure that your data management is secure. With the platform’s extensive privacy policy, you can rest assured that your data is safe and only used for the purpose of enhancing your user experience.

The platform allows you to learn more about your audience by supplying you with meaningful info and analytics. This info can help you stay one step ahead of your competition and deliver content that engages with your audience.

8. Stay Updated with Notifications:

The platform keeps you updated with instant notifications as events unfold. You can change your notification settings so as to get updates on important events, such as new job postings or account activity. This feature helps to keep you on your toes and ensures that you never miss out on any life-changing opportunity.

9. Instant Posting:

Rapidely gives you room to post on multiple social media platforms all at once, saving you quality time. You can create your post, attach images or videos, and send them all in one app. It is time to say bye to the trouble of logging in and out of several apps.

10. Scheduling and Automation:

This particular feature allows you to plan your posts in advance with the platform. Prepare your content whenever you feel like and let the app do the rest. You can boost your online visibility even if you’re occupied with something else.

Alternatives to This Tool That You Might Also Like According to Ratings and Reviews 

1. Lumen5: This platform creates impactful, interesting videos from your existing content, so you can make video a regular part of your marketing strategy.

2. Inclick Track: It helps you decipher how your brand is performing on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Youtube. This app also lets you compare your progress with that of your competitors.

Its Search and Campaign Tracking features can help creators and planners find engaging content. Inclick Track can help you in understanding your competitor’s strategy and working on refining your own marketing strategy.

3. LAMP: This platform boasts a pocket-friendly subscription to make social media easy for startups. LAMP helps you manage your social media accounts by creating effective strategy, interesting content, posting it on your social media platforms and engaging with your audience through the comment section and memes.

FAQs on This Notification Platform or Site

Does Rapidely steal your work?

Not at all, Rapidely does not in any way steal your work or content. It is a social media posting app that allows you to quickly and efficiently post content on various social media platforms.

Is Rapidely considered cheating?

Not at all, Rapidely is not considered cheating. It is just a tool that helps you simplify your social media posting process and boost your efficiency.

Can Rapidely be trusted?

Of course, it can. Rapidely can totally be trusted as it is a reliable and well-known writing assistant or app developed by a reputable company.

How can I get more information about Rapidely?

You can find more information about Rapidely on their official website or by reading reviews and ratings from other customers.

Where can I find ratings and reviews for Rapidely?

You can find ratings and reviews for Rapidely on the App Store or other platforms where the app is available for download.

Can you provide a description of Rapidely?

Rapidely is a mobile app or writing assistant that allows you to quickly and easily post amazing content on all social media platforms. It helps you save quality time and improve your social media visibility.

How can I access Rapidely on my iPhone?

Downloading Rapidely on your iphone is very easy to do. All you have to do is download Rapidely from the App Store and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPod touch, or whichever device.

How can I check the customer ratings and reviews for Rapidely?

You can check the customer ratings & reviews to read through the user reviews for Rapidely on the App Store, Google store or any other platforms where the app is available.


The Rapidely platform offers a fast & effective method to manage your social media presence. With its juicy and mouth-watery features, it is definitely the best tool for anyone seeking ways to optimize their social media strategy.

Regardless of your business type, professional level or work status, Rapidely can help you boost your productivity and effectiveness.