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Supermetrics: A Solution to Marketing Data

Having access to valuable data is highly important to businesses. In this new era of digital marketing and analytics, the ability to efficiently collect, analyze, and record data gives organizations an easy-to-use interface to connect to several data sources.

As a marketer constantly looking to extract meaningful perspectives from a number of platforms, I’ve now grown to rely on a powerful tool that has completely changed how I approach data analysis: Supermetrics.

What is Supermetrics?

It is a data management and analytics tool well-known for its simple features that give room for users & businesses to easily connect to different data sources such as Facebook Ads, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others to collect accurate data.

It integrates data from over 100 platforms and makes it ready for recording and analytics tools.

The days of manually extracting data from various sources and spending countless hours compiling spreadsheets are now in the past. Supermetrics, a game-changer, helps you with automatic data extraction and transformation, giving you more time to concentrate on analysis and producing results.

Supermetrics Review: How Does it Work?

It is an API (Application Programming Interface) software that links two programs. It works by linking your spreadsheet or data visualization tool to different channels and pulling in live, up-to-date, & accurate data.

Although there is a small learning curve, the tool is straightforward and simple to use.

A good example of how the program works is if you use it for Google Sheets, the necessary steps would be to:

  1. Open a new Spreadsheet

  2. Click on the “Add-ons” tab

  3. Search for “Supermetrics” and click on it

After connecting and choosing the account from which you want to extract data, along with the metrics and dimensions you wish to include, you are good to go! You can also choose a schedule to enable automatic data updating.

The Supermetrics suite consists of a variety of products. Let us discuss a few ones that I make use of most frequently and determine which is the best option for you.

Supermetrics for Data Studio

This is one of the simplest methods to import data from various channels directly into Data Studio. It enables you to create interactive cross-channel dashboards in Data Studio which can be shared with other users in real-time.

In other words, you won’t ever need to refresh data since your dashboard will always show real-time results because it will be connected to your channel or platform.

When preparing fresh notes for clients, using the same settings to export the same data from different accounts will save you a lot of time especially if you work with multiple accounts and/or clients.

To start using Supermetrics for Data Studio, follow the steps below;

  • Select “Resource” from the dashboard’s main menu

  • Select “Manage added data sources”

  • The next step is to click on the option “Add data source”

  • Then, search for & click the “Supermetrics” connector you want, and click on “Add” after finding it.

Supermetrics for Google Sheets

Supermetrics for Google Sheets can be useful for data analysts that require a little more than having data sources, which happens to be the key difference when compared to that of Data Studio.

For instance, you might wish to extract data into a spreadsheet so that you can combine it with data from other external sources. The ideal option for you in such a situation might be Supermetrics for Google Sheets.

If you’re a media buyer, you’ll probably continue to use Supermetrics for Data Studio because it streamlines and speeds up the entire process.

Regardless, you can always link your Spreadsheet to Data Studio and use it as your data source. However, doing so will require additional work, which is something we all want to minimize with the use of these tools. But ultimately, it depends on your preferences.

Supermetrics for Excel

You can automatically import data into your Microsoft Excel spreadsheet using Supermetrics from numerous marketing and sales platforms. therefore enabling quicker and wiser business decisions.

Just pick your data sources, your desired metrics, and dimensions, then set up scheduled refreshes without having to leave Excel.

There’s a whole that can be done with Supermetrics for Excel and here are a few:

  • Integrate marketing data from your favorite marketing platforms, including Facebook, Instagram Insights, and others.

  • Get any metrics and dimensions needed. You can even find some that aren’t offered by most platforms.

  • Work with pristine, unsampled preparation for analysis and recording.

  • Create personalized record notes and dashboards and receive them directly in your inbox.

  • Automate your marketing recording by setting monthly, weekly, daily, or hourly refreshes.

  • In our template gallery, you can find free Excel reporting templates.

  • Eliminate the need for manual data transfer, and instead use that time to analyze it.

  • Data is secured in transit and never stored on third-party systems, giving you the benefit of enterprise-grade data transfer security.

Features & Benefits of Using Supermetrics

This data marketing solution is regarded as one of the top data reporting tools because of its incredible features. Let’s go through some:

  1. It offers an intuitive user interface and powerful recording capabilities. By merging data from several sources, you can make unique records and dashboards.

  2. It allows you to easily connect and integrate data from various sources, by supporting a wide range of data connectors. It brings all your marketing data conveniently into one location.

  3. It offers sophisticated computations. You can utilize functions to carry out complex calculations and data manipulations on your data as well as create custom metrics, segments, segmentation, and add filters. You can generate perceptive and metrics that are specific to your needs thanks to this flexible feature.

  4. It offers data blending and query blending capabilities. Data blending enables you to combine data from various sources into one dataset and conduct an extensive analysis. Query blending gives room for you to combine data from various queries and sources into a single note or dashboard.

  5. It provides a range of pre-built templates and dashboards that make the process quicker.

It also boasts some benefits that make it a market-leading analytic tool.

  1. Improved Data Accuracy

  2. Efficient Reporting and Analysis

  3. Through the tool’s integrations with visualization platforms, I can effortlessly create visually stunning and informative records that communicate clearly to stakeholders

  4. User-friendly and Easy-to-use Tool

  5. It helps you track the full marketing funnel, from top-of-funnel paid ads data to on-site behavior and post-conversion CRM data, so that you can make better business decisions

  6. Quality Data Perceptions

  7. The tool boasts rigorous security measures. Whether it’s data encryption, compliance with regulations like GDPR, or SOC 2 compliance, Supermetrics takes data protection really serious

  8. Smooth Data Collection

  9. Automatic data importation and blending from numerous marketing and sales tools directly into the Sheets. The automation aspect is truly a blessing for anyone who, like me, has wrestled with keeping spreadsheets updated in real-time

  10. Integration of external data within Sheets without the need for manual intervention. This direct integration eliminates the need for manual data imports and ensures that recordings are always based on the most current information available.

  11. It empowers me to manipulate and transform data with ease. Whether I need to aggregate, filter, or pivot data, the tool offers a range of functions that allow me to shape the data to my specific requirements. This feature has enabled me to create custom reports that are tailored to the unique needs of my projects and clients

Supermetrics Pricing

The pricing plans are dependent on the data destination that is where you wish to transfer your combined data.

You will be pleasantly surprised by the options this tool offers. From the Basic plan for those starting out to the Super Pro plan for serious data crunching, there’s something for everyone. The value you get, in terms of time saved and perceptions gained, really justifies the cost.

So if you’re serious about data/web analytics, this tool is definitely worth considering. It tackles and discusses the basis of marketing data.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How does Supermetrics help in marketing data analysis?

It simplifies the process of gathering data from different platforms, allowing marketers to analyze and gain knowledge from the data more efficiently. By connecting to various data sources, it provides a comprehensive view of campaign performance and enables data-driven decision-making.

Which platforms does support?

It supports popular platforms such as Facebook Ads, LinkedIn Ads, HubSpot, and more. It offers a wide range of data connectors to ensure you can gather data from your preferred sources.

Is Supermetrics only for data transfer or can it also provide data analysis?

It is not just a data transfer tool; it also offers powerful data analysis capabilities. Its intuitive interface allows users to manipulate and transform the data, generating meaningful perceptive for marketing campaigns.

What data sets can I analyze with Supermetrics?

With this tool, you can analyze a variety of data sets, including website analytics, ad performance metrics, social media engagement, and more. It supports a wide range of metrics and dimensions to provide a comprehensive understanding of your marketing efforts.

How does Supermetrics ensure data privacy and security?

This web analytics tool takes data privacy and security seriously. It follows strict privacy policies and complies with industry standards. Any data transfer and storage are encrypted, and they do not store any personally identifiable information without explicit consent.

Do I need coding skills to use Supermetrics?

Not at all! You do not need coding skills or JavaScript to use Supermetrics. It provides a user-friendly interface that eliminates the need for manual coding.


Supermetrics has transformed the entire data analysis industry and most data marketers’ journey from a time-consuming chore into an efficient and effective  endeavor.

By automating data extraction, enabling powerful transformations, and enhancing visualization capabilities, Supermetrics has empowered me to extract maximum value from the data at hand. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, having such a robust and adaptable tool by my side has proven to be a priceless asset, allowing me to stay ahead in the ever-changing world of data-driven marketing.

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