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Wordtune Review: Your New AI Writing Companion

It is common knowledge among writers that proper construction of sentences can help catapult your writing to the very top. However, to ensure proper construction, you have to edit and proofread your articles and I can boldly tell you that editing is not an easy task.

This is where Wordtune comes to change the game; it is an AI writing assistant that helps you take your writing to the next level.

Read this article to the end as I’ll be digging into what Wordtune entails.

Let’s get started!

What is Wordtune? 

Wordtune is a well-known AI-powered writing tool that is designed to help you write better by using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies to rewrite, rephrase, and summarize your sentences.

Wordtune scans your writing thoroughly and provides timely suggestions to help make it concise, more engaging, and 100% error-free. Wordtune also has a Google Chrome extension with which you can easily gain access to the platform’s features on your web browser. 

Who can use Wordtune? 

Wordtune is a versatile writing tool that meets the requirements of a vast range of users:

  • Content Creators: Wordtune can help bloggers, copywriters, and authors improve the quality of their writing so as to boost the engagement of the audience.

  • Students and Academics: Wordtune assists you in writing clear & well-organized essays, dissertations, research papers, and reports making sure that your ideas stand out.

  • Professionals: When it comes to drafting emails, reports, and presentations, Wordtune is a Pro. It helps you professionally & effectively communicate with the rest of your team.

  • Non-native English Speakers: Wordtune acts as a reliable language guide, offering suggestions to improve fluency and accuracy in writing. It has a multi-language translator that helps convert your writing in other languages to English and vice versa.

  • Journalists, SEO writers, and many others

Features of Wordtune 

1. Tone Checker:

The tone checker is one of Wordtune’s most appreciated features as it helps you match the tone you want to write in. This enables you to switch your tone to a formal one if you’re writing for your business or a professional audience, you can also change the setting to casual if you want your content to sound more informal.

2. Text Rewriting & Meaningful Suggestions:

Wordtune’s rewriting tool is widely used by people all over the world because it thoroughly rephrases their content to sound better to their audience.

Wordtune understands the context of your writing and provides suggestions on formal phrases. It also suggests how you can cut back or add to your content.

3. Grammar Checker & Length Editor:

The grammar checker helps you to identify any grammatical & spelling errors in your writing. This prevents you from submitting a document full of grammatical & spelling errors that can destroy your reputation and credibility.

Length editor is another feature that helps refine your content by either summarizing and shortening your writing or lengthening it. It gives you enough room to format your content however you desire.

4. Dictionary/Thesaurus:

Wordtune’s thesaurus helps you rephrase and reword your content to sound very interesting & straightforward.

It also gives you similar phrases and words to avoid repetition and redundancy in your writing.

The tools listed above are the major features that make Wordtune stand out in the writing industry. However there are a few other features that are worthy of being mentioned, and they are;

  • Activity Dashboard

  • Assisted Content Creation

  • Content Management

  • Machine Learning

  • Multi-Language Translator

  • Natural Language Processing

  • Text Editor

  • Third-Party Integrations

Benefits of Using Wordtune

Wordtune boasts many benefits which make it a lovable AI writing assistant that you can easily incorporate into your writing process. Let’s go through a few benefits that this writing tool offers:

1. Improves Writing Efficiency & Productivity:

Wordtune helps you write more quickly and efficiently. Rather than spending much time looking for the perfect words or rearranging your sentences, Wordtune provides you with quick ideas that are in line with the message you intend to pass across.

With the platform’s real-time suggestions, you may concentrate on your ideas without being distracted by language mechanics.

2. Improves Clarity:

Wordtune helps you overcome the challenge of clearly communicating your ideas by providing meaningful suggestions that will improve the readability of your content.

3. Improves Writing Quality:

Your content will definitely stand out with Wordtune’s AI writing assistant. Your writing will improve in quality, professionalism, and accuracy, making a positive impact on your audience.

4. Ease of Use & Integration with Other Writing Platforms:

Wordtune’s ability to integrate with writing platforms, such as Google Docs, makes it easy to operate. You won’t need to constantly switch between platforms because Wordtune’s suggestions are available right inside your document. You can now concentrate on your writing and keep up your creative flow.

5. Helps to Save Quality Time:

This platform greatly saves you time during the writing and editing process. You can now spend less time thinking about your wording and more time creating high-quality content due to Wordtune’s quick and precise suggestions.

6. Boasts Diverse Writing Styles

This AI writing tool offers several writing styles for you to select from. Whether you’re writing formal or informal content, Wordtune provides recommendations that fit your intended tone and audience.

Wordtune Pricing 

One thing that makes most writers accustomed to Wordtune is the fact that their first payment plan is for free, so they can use it to see what the platform has in store for them. The platform’s pricing plans are as follows:

1. Free Plan:

This is the payment plan offered to starters. It is totally free to use 

The rewriting tool is the only feature that is available on this Wordtune Free Plan and it can only be used 10 times daily.

2. Premium Plan:

This premium payment plan starts with a fee of $9.99 per month. The major difference between this premium plan and the previous free plan is that this plan gains access to unlimited rewrite, casual and formal tone settings, and shorten and expand tools. It also offers first-rate customer service.

3. Premium Plan for Teams:

This payment plan is the same as the previous premium Plan, the only difference is that this plan caters only for teams. It offers unlimited features and the pricing depends on your number of team members (custom pricing).

Wordtune Alternatives 

In case you think this tool isn’t the right one for your business, below are some alternatives that also offer the features that Wordtune offers.

  1. Grammarly

  2. WordAi

  3. Quillbot

  4. ProWritingAid


Does Wordtune steal your work?

Not at all, Wordtune does not steal your work. The software is designed to help you write and generate ideas, not to plagiarize or steal other people’s content.

Is Wordtune considered cheating?

No, it is not. The platform is not considered cheating because it is an AI-powered writing companion that just wants to help you upgrade your content level. It provides meaning insights and suggestions, but the final content is still going to be created by you.

Can Wordtune be trusted?

Of course, Wordtune can always be trusted. This AI Writing Assistant is developed by a reputable & credible company and it has been used by many experts in several industries. Although, it is advisable to always review and edit the suggestions provided by the platform to make sure that they are in line with your intended message.

What are the disadvantages of Wordtune?

Although Wordtune is a very useful tool, it has a few shortcomings. At times, the suggestions given by Wordtune may not accurately show your intended meaning. Also, the free version of Wordtune has limited features compared to its premium version.

Is it worth paying for Wordtune?

This depends on your writing requirements and preferences. The paid version of Wordtune offers you more advanced features and improvements, making it a valuable asset for those who frequently write or need assistance with their writing. However, if you only need basic writing suggestions, the free version may be sufficient for you.

How does Wordtune work?

Wordtune is an AI-powered writing companion that understands what you’re trying to say and provides suggestions to improve your writing. It uses generative AI algorithms to generate alternative word choices, sentence structures, and writing styles.

What do people like about Wordtune?

People appreciate the fact that this tool saves time and effort and also improves their writing. They find the insights really helpful and appreciate the tool’s ability to refine their writing skills.

How do I use Wordtune with Word documents?

Wordtune has a Chrome extension that smoothly integrates with your browser, letting you make use of the tool while writing in Word documents. To get started, you just have to install the Wordtune Chrome extension from the Chrome Web Store, and you can have access to its features within your browser.

Can Wordtune help with copywriting?

Yes, it can! This tool can be beneficial for copywriters. It can provide useful insights that will help you improve your word choices, sentence structures, and clarity in your copy.

In Conclusion 

The Wordtune team is constantly developing upgrades to strengthen the capabilities of the AI Writing Assistant. This platform’s AI-powered algorithms and easy-to-use interface give you room to improve your writing skills and quicken your writing process. With Wordtune’s mouth-watering features, it definitely has to become your go-to AI tool for all of your writing needs.